Sexism in Activism meeting, Sunday 8th July, 2-5pm, Next to Nowhere

Posted on 2 July 2012 by


A little while ago, AWOL held a meeting to discuss the difficulties women face in activist groups across the left, of being heard at meetings, child-friendly and safe meeting spaces, expectations on activist women and how we can support each other in calling out comrades on their sexism.
Since then, these issues have been coming to the fore in a lot of local activist groups in the most shocking and unpleasant of ways. It’s become clear that sexism, sexual harassment and sexual assault are not just an occasional problem but endemic in groups that consider themselves to champion equality for all.

What are the reasons for this, and what can we do to support our comrades in calling it out and ending it?
At this long overdue meeting, we invite feminists, allies and everybody who considers this an important issue to meet for a discussion on how we form, structure and operate our activist groups, and what we can do to make them safer places for women to organise.

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