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Activists Chain Themselves to Liverpool Town Hall Railings on International Women’s Day

8 March 2014


Activists have just chained themselves to the railings of Liverpool Town Hall to protest the impact of national and local government cuts on women, this International Women’s Day. They are borrowing a direct action tactic and dress style from suffragettes, to highlight their opinion that the interests of women are still not represented by those […]

Statement on 2nd November at The Casa

16 November 2013


This statement is to clarify events surrounding the “Pack a Scrum of Solidarity” event at The Casa, Liverpool, held on 2nd November to raise funds for the family of Chelsea Manning. AWOL is amongst the many and varied organisations that have been falsely credited with organising this action.  We were not involved as an organisation, though […]

A Response to Liverpool Hope’s Victim Blaming Safety Advice

24 October 2013


  *Trigger Warning – mentions of rape, sexual harassment and explanations of victim blaming & survivor shaming*   The following quote is what the dean of students felt the need to tell all current Liverpool Hope students presumably in light of recent news that Martin Smith (aka ‘Comrade Delta’) has been given a funded PhD […]

Martin Smith Given PhD Place at Liverpool Hope University

21 October 2013


*Trigger warning- rape and sexual harassment.* It has come to our attention that Martin Smith – who resigned from the Socialist Workers Party following rape and sexual harassment allegations – is now based in the Social Work department at Liverpool Hope University.  The accusations against Smith were covered up by an internal investigation from the […]

The ConDem War on Women

3 July 2012


This is a guest post is from Hannah Ryan.  As the ConDem agenda pushes into overdrive, women are in the frontline of ‘austerity measures’. The Government tell us deficit reduction is essential to keep us afloat, achievable only through cutting spending and increasing taxes (though not for the rich or corporate sector). Labour would have […]