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What do Russell Brand, the SWP and The Casa have in common?

4 November 2014


[Screen grabs linked to in this article are also shown at the end of the text with description for reader assistive software]. The above leaflet is a cluster-fuck of disreputable revolutionary brands[1] all discrediting themselves further through association with the others. To be fair, the Brand brand probably doesn’t know or care about his image […]

Hope University’s Response to AWOL

29 October 2013


Please note: the post Martin Smith Given PhD Place at Liverpool Hope University, posted on the 21st October 2013, is a guest post, which we at AWOL are happy to host but did not write. Contrary to many assumptions, AWOL did not initiate, and does not control, the Delta Removals campaign, though again we are […]

A feminist guide to celebrating Thatcher’s demise

9 April 2013


I’ll start from the premise that anybody who’s got as far as reading this had no particular love for Margaret Thatcher. If this doesn’t apply to you, this article will not help. You’re on the wrong blog. Go away now. Bye bye. Yesterday, today and probably for the next week or so, people are sharing […]

Rant the I’ve-forgotten-how-many: Julian Assange and his apologists, again.

30 August 2012


Trigger-warning: post deals with issues of rape apologism and paraphrases and links to examples. Yes, Assange is back in the news, and once again the lefty twitfacesphere is earnestly asking itself whether you should fight to prevent a rapist[0] from being extradited to face questioning for rape, if he thinks he might end up extradited […]

Sexism in Activism meeting, Sunday 8th July, 2-5pm, Next to Nowhere

2 July 2012


A little while ago, AWOL held a meeting to discuss the difficulties women face in activist groups across the left, of being heard at meetings, child-friendly and safe meeting spaces, expectations on activist women and how we can support each other in calling out comrades on their sexism. Since then, these issues have been coming […]

Liverpool women and allies send a message to anti-choicers: SPUC you!

29 April 2012


On Saturday 28th April, the pro-life group Society for the Protection of Unborn Children held a series of kerbside “vigils” throughout the country, in order to wave placards showing bizarrely out of context pictures of foetuses and false claims about abortion harming women and killing children. Happily, they faced strong opposition from feminist groups and […]

Not since the days of the suffragettes have so many women wanted to throw a Brick through a window…

8 April 2012


If Samantha Brick spectacularly misses the point in her article on the downsides to being pretty, the vast majority of her detractors have missed it by an even wider margin in attacking her on the basis of her looks, or even her arrogance.  The problem with what Brick’s saying isn’t that she’s not as attractive […]