Rant the I’ve-forgotten-how-many: Julian Assange and his apologists, again.

August 30, 2012


Trigger-warning: post deals with issues of rape apologism and paraphrases and links to examples. Yes, Assange is back in the news, and once again the lefty twitfacesphere is earnestly asking itself whether you should fight to prevent a rapist[0] from being extradited to face questioning for rape, if he thinks he might end up extradited […]

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The ConDem War on Women

July 3, 2012


This is a guest post is from Hannah Ryan.  As the ConDem agenda pushes into overdrive, women are in the frontline of ‘austerity measures’. The Government tell us deficit reduction is essential to keep us afloat, achievable only through cutting spending and increasing taxes (though not for the rich or corporate sector). Labour would have […]

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Sexism in Activism meeting, Sunday 8th July, 2-5pm, Next to Nowhere

July 2, 2012


A little while ago, AWOL held a meeting to discuss the difficulties women face in activist groups across the left, of being heard at meetings, child-friendly and safe meeting spaces, expectations on activist women and how we can support each other in calling out comrades on their sexism. Since then, these issues have been coming […]

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AWOL statement on sexual harassment in activist spaces

June 13, 2012


*TRIGGER WARNING We, as survivors, opponents of sexual violence, feminists and/or feminist allies have taken the decision to publicly oppose and name a man within the activist and anarchist community who we know to have repeatedly sexually harassed several young women*. This harassment is known to have taken place in person, via social media and/or […]

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Liverpool women and allies send a message to anti-choicers: SPUC you!

April 29, 2012


On Saturday 28th April, the pro-life group Society for the Protection of Unborn Children held a series of kerbside “vigils” throughout the country, in order to wave placards showing bizarrely out of context pictures of foetuses and false claims about abortion harming women and killing children. Happily, they faced strong opposition from feminist groups and […]

Not since the days of the suffragettes have so many women wanted to throw a Brick through a window…

April 8, 2012


If Samantha Brick spectacularly misses the point in her article on the downsides to being pretty, the vast majority of her detractors have missed it by an even wider margin in attacking her on the basis of her looks, or even her arrogance.  The problem with what Brick’s saying isn’t that she’s not as attractive […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day, Confronting Fascism

March 27, 2012


It was great to have such a well publicised and attended march for International Women’s Day, with speakers, stalls, food and entertainment afterwards in a great venue.  It was the best planned IWD we’ve had in Liverpool that I can remember, and I’d like to thank the organisers for the hard work and dedication they […]